TWL combines marketing, consultancy and customer care into an integrated package of customized services

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Marketing management Medical Management ©
  • Strategic sponsorship
  • Management of corporate sponsorship budgets
  • Marketing of events, games and tournaments
  • Event planning and Organisation
  • Process-based medical care management of injured top athletes (diagnosis – surgery – post-operative care)
  • Ongoing provision of medical care to international top athletes
Strategic consultancy Support for internationalisation drives
  • Customer surveys and competition analyses
  • Support for the development of corporate visions, mission statements, objectives and strategies
  • Implementation of programmes to cut costs, increase revenue and optimize processes
  • Restructuring of business units and Organisationseinheiten
  • Development of business expansion and internationalisation concepts
  • Procurement of business contacts in Germany and China
  • Conceptual design of strategic alliances, cooperations and joint ventures